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So much going on!
hawks: sticks in the air
I'm pretty sure everyone that I'm friends with on here is friends with everyone else I am friends with, so you've all probably already seen this. Oh well!

banner by [personal profile] ktc

Exciting! I've already seen a few prompts that catch my eye, and there is such a lovely long time frame. I can't wait to do this.


Hugs are the best! I've sadly kind of... drifted out of bandom, but I will certainly enjoy the amazingness that will surely emerge from here. And I might do something for it, who knows!

Bandom Stuffsit is back again! I won't be signing up because stressful :( but I again shall enjoy the works that are made for it.

Time to go and sign up for things! (It's not Christmas without ten million amazing fests.)

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