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Mix: To Take It All Away
hawks: sticks in the air

i) disparate youth - santigold
ii) it's time - imagine dragons
iii) take a walk - passion pit
iv) midnight coward - stars
v) yellow light - of monsters and men
vi) alright with me - kris allen
vii) till the end of time - devotchka
viii) read all about it (pt. iii) - emeli sandé
ix) pursuit of happiness (kid cudi cover) - lissie
x) mr blue sky - electric light orchestra
xi) wonderman - tinie tempah ft. ellie goulding
xii) blue lips - regina spektor
xiii) world spins madly on - the weepies
xiv) ants - ham sandwich
xv) wessex boy - frank turner
xvi) mind over matter - sahara hotnights


Please leave a comment if you downloaded and enjoyed :) If you have any suggestions for mixes or want to request on, feel free.
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This looks really interesting. Have downloaded and look forward to listening!

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