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Week in the life - two
hawks: sticks in the air
Day two!

I am actually posting this a day late, because I was quite tired yesterday!

So, I got up and dressed, had toast for breakfast and went to my first race in nearly 2 years! It was a 10k run/walk or a 4k run. I decided on the 4k run because I felt kind of sick and didn't want to push myself. It was seriously crowded. They expected maybe 500 people, but there was over 1000! They ended up giving out pieces of paper with your race number on and one pin to stick it to you,  because there wasn't enough! I was no. 701! So we hung around waiting for the 10k-ers to get a head start, and off we were. I was unfortunately in the middle, and had planned to walk to warm up because I'd forgotten my gloves and got cold waiting, but instead I immediately started running so I could get out the crowds. Unfortunately, basically the first 1km was a giant hill, so I paced that, but was already ahead so no crowds :D

Along the way I took a few photos. I was trying to beat a record so I didn't want to stop often.

This is an old abandoned house on the route. All the windows are kicked in and the door rotting, but an Irish flag is still hanging from the window. You don't see flags on houses often here, so I stopped to take a picture.

My phone doesn't accurately capture the beauty of the mountain ahead. The sun was shining on it and the sky sure didn't seem that grey!

I finished the 4k in exactly 30 minutes. Not too shabby considering the hills. They were seriously like MMMMMM, up and down and up again. Got sandwiches, lucozade, cups of tea, rice krispy buns and a slice of apple pie before going home. Lazed around a bit at home, then had a shower and attempted yet again to do something with my hair. It failed.

Then I had my dinner, which I *did* take a picture of, but it has vanished. It was tomato soup, then grilled chicken, parsnip and carrot mash, and potatoes. Not hugely exciting, but healthy, so.

Spent the rest of the day reading, internetting, tidying up and watching old clips of 'Whose Line'. Such a good show! Then off to bed :)

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