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podfic: Pink Glitter
hawks: sticks in the air
TITLE: Pink Glitter
AUTHOR: ivesia19
READER: Frankie (letsgofriday)
FANDOM: Bandom - Panic! At The Disco
PAIRING: Brendon/Ryan
SUMMARY: When Ryan’s father can’t make it to his daughter’s Parent’s Job Fair Day, Ryan, a struggling writer, fills in for him, only to find himself attracted to his sister’s kindergarten teacher.
TEXT: Here

So, this is my first podfic I've ever posted. I've recorded 8 or 9 podfics, and some are ready to be edited, others are edited and will never see the light of day because the quality is awful. Speaking of, there is some buzzing in the background but it shouldn't be irritating. 

Sorry for any crappy editing, I've gotten sick of my own voice and didn't give it a final listen. I hope you can all understand my Eeeeeye-rish brouge! 

As always, feedback is very very very much appriciated :) <3

Why I chose this fic:

There were three reasons. 
1. Not enough Brendon/Ryan is recorded!
2. It's PG-13, because I am not that kind of girl, sir, and it's KIDFIC!, the joy of my life.
3. I love it so dearly, it gives me happies inside!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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First of all: It's Pink Glitter, one of my favourite Ryden oneshots ever. I used to read it back before the breakup - plenty of times - so having it as a podfic and theoretically being able to listen to it in the car and stuff, means a lot to me!

Second thing: You have a really nice voice. I've been working with my voice professionally for more than three years, so I know what it takes to have a voice that people feel find nice, comforting and attractive. Yours definitely is.

Aaaand last one: You're irish and hearing you read out loud reminds me of my friends from Ireland and all the good times I had when I was up there. It makes me smile and equally ache a little bit, cause I really really miss it. But it's always nice to have some irish slang sounding around <3

I am grinning like an eejit (yay Irish slang!) right now :) Thank you for the feedback! It's great to know that you like it!

I just downloaded and listened - it's wonderful :)
You're fabulous!

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